20 Years of Experience working within the Fitness Industry, expert Personal Trainer Camille Angol is passionate to deliver -the Quickest and Most effective results through one to one training. Arrange your Free consultation to get started TODAY!

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Anyone can take part in Personal Training, the feedback from most clients who attend find it’s the most beneficial way of training! Working specifically to your set goals with no distractions, creates an environment for faster learning and more advanced progression when setting out to achieve any Fitness goals. The sessions are tailored to your specific starting point and are delivered with a fun, supportive and exclusivity that keeps you focused for the whole hour every hour. If it’s MOTIVATION and ACCOUNTABILITY your looking for Personal Training is for YOU!

Fitness Plans Specific to Your Needs

You won’t need to worry about where you start, or what exercises to plan - all this is done for you. You just turn up and train! The plans are based on you, taking into consideration your own personal goals as well as improving postural imbalances, functional strength and overall fitness levels. They are progressed as fast or as slowly as your body needs, with variety increased at every opportunity.

Get the Confidence You Dreamed Of

After the first session you should expect to already feel more energised and full of good, positive and powerful hormones. You will begin to sleep better and have a more restful mind and feel more in control of your eating and goal setting. Confidence comes from within and having a Personal Trainer can help you to develop a more confident appreciation of your inner beauty as well as improving your look aesthetically.

Dramatic Results In Only 2 Hours Per Week

Yes its TRUE! Just 2 hours a week of one to one training can kick start everyone’s new regime. The intensity and advanced workouts will see you noticing a HUGE difference in less than no time. Working on the correct exercises in the right way has your body burning FAT for days after. Your body won’t have time to resist, with correct weight training, balance and core your metabolism will start firing up like a furnace and responding the way we want it to.

Being a personal training client you also have exclusive access to:

Tailored Food Plans

Tailored Food plans and recipes specific to your needs. Food is an important part of the results we see. Whether its small changes your looking for or a total detox and reset this is all part of your PT experience.

Time Management Support

Time Management Support to help you fit the right amount of sessions into your lifestyle. There’s always something else to do however prioritising your training is a MUST if we want to succeed. Camille can help you organise tasks and add flexibility to rebooking and rescheduling so no barrier gets in the way

Sleep Help

Sleep – we need it for our muscles to recover and rebuild. During your time Personal Training you will learn simple but effect techniques to see your quality and quantity of sleep improve.

Learn How To Deal With Stress

The stress of training is taken out of your hands when you decide to take on PT. However this doesn’t mean other stressors in your life won’t have a negative effect of your body’s ability to release fat and work efficiently. Exercise decreases stress and anxiety and together with the training you will receive more support to help you stay relaxed in all situations outside of exercise.

Chose Where To Train

Choice of training venue – Outdoors or Indoor gym available.



If you are purchasing for family or friends please request a voucher once payment has been made.

1 Session


(£25 per session)

6 Sessions


(£25 per session)

10 Sessions


(£25 per session)

Testimonials From Previous Clients

Ruby, Bedford

Ruby has been a pleasure to train, it’s always lovely to be able to share my enthusiasm for training with young and inspiring individuals. We have made great progress in just 6 sessions, Ruby now has the tools she needs to feel confident going back into the gym with style! Looking forward to booking in more refreshers soon.

Racheal, Bedford

Racheal has shown persistence and determination over past year and a half. Completing 2 one to one sessions a week she has managed to understand how her body reacts to different types of exercise and foods. She now has the right plan that has seen her tap into that stubborn fat, creating the results she has been looking for. With the right combination of weight training and cardio now in place I’m confident Racheal has learned the right tools to keep her in the best shape for life, where ever she decides to train.

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